About Me


I am a wine lover.  I love to explore wine shops for unusual and exceptional wines.

I am a wine adventurer.  I travel as often as I can to wine regions and discover new wines, new wine grape varietals, meet grape growers, touch the soil, meet winemakers, taste wine from fermenter, to barrel, to glass.

I am a hobby winemaker.  I have a few vines in my side yard that I planted just to learn about the vine.  I have made wine from wine kits to start, and a small number of batches from wine grapes.

I am wine educator.  I love standing in a wine department or wine shop and helping people find that perfect bottle of wine for dinner, for a gift, or for a special occasion.

I am a wine professional.  I hold a Certified Specialist of Wine certification from the Society of Wine Educators and work in the wine industry.

Thank you for visiting!