Wine is like a Snowflake

There are so many factors that go into producing a great bottle of wine, and every wine is multifaceted and unique.  Factors that influence what ends up in your glass range from the grape varietal, soil type, climate and weather, the grape grower’s care, winemaker’s decisions on when to harvest, at what brix level, fermentation temperature, the use of oak, what kind of oak and for how long, to the blending of individual vines, lots, vineyards and multiple varietals, how long to age before releasing; every wine is like a snowflake.

What has always fascinated me about wine is the wide range of possibilities. For over 10 years I have traveled to wineries and vineyards learning as I go.  I have  few rules that I live by:

  1.  Try everything.  You never know when you might find that next gem.
  2. Drink what tastes good to you.
  3. Don’t be fooled into thinking just because a wine is inexpensive it means the wine is not good.
  4. Don’t buy wines just because it has a rating of 90 or better.  Some of the best wines I have ever tasted have “scores” under 90.
  5. Wine is a bottomless pit of knowledge, you can learn as much as you want and still not know everything.

My mission is to learn as much and I can, taste as much as I can, and share it with you!    Please sign up and follow me as I post great wines under $20 you can find almost anywhere.


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